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The housing units employ the QuaDror interlocking frame technology as comprised of eight laminated wood beams. This structural unit works with the same geometric concept as the table, but at a larger scale. The houses take advantage of the collapsibility of the frames, and are designed as pre-fabricated modular housing units. These structural units are able to ship to site flat, and can then  be erected with the corners secured to form four triangular trusses. The trusses are responsible for the downward and lateral forces acting on the house.   

The QuaDror House options range from 900 sqft to 3000 sqft and are able to be on grade or elevated. Due to the separation of skin and structure, different options are available for the type and location of solid and glazed walls,  allowing for a variety of configurations and appearances.


  • All QuaDror Houses are pre-fabricated, allowing for shorter construction timelines, less labor and less financing fees, minimal material waste, and a reduction of on-site problems, all of which provide for an overall lower cost of construction. 
  • Increased quality as a result of greater control within an enclosed factory environment, strength and durability of construction as it needs to be ready for transport, and minimal site impact. 
  • The QuaDror structural system allows for a separation of the skin and the structure, permitting moving enclosure and separation walls. 
  • This separation allows for the house to transition from open to solid for protection during harsh climatic conditions, or when unused.
  • The glazing of the house is able to be completely opened for uninterrupted connection to the exterior.
  • Adaptability and changeability for unseen future demand is possible when all structure is concentrated to solely the QuaDror structural system.
  • The house is able to be shipped with flat components, allowing for more square footage to be shipped per flatbed trailer. 
  • The QuaDror system is able to reduce the amount of foundation; reducing cost, allowing it to be elevated, and permitting it to be placed in difficult sites.   
  • The houses contain an efficiently packaged bathroom and kitchen unit which is able to concentrate all utilities to a single area, which can simply plug into a grid.


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QD 01 – 06