Business Opportunities


To create collaboration with companies and organizations from various industries to bring QuaDror products to the market.

 The QuaDror system lends itself to many different uses and scales.  Some applications take advantage of its load bearing ability, others for its ease of manufacturing, collapsibility, and more. Several product and architectural designs were developed utilizing the wide scope of applications that this geometry allows; including self standing panels for interior use, and exterior barriers of different kinds, architectural frame systems, and urban design elements. The QuaDror system incites innovative thinking. Its structural versatility and efficiency enables design solutions for various industries and for projects of various scales. Each benefits from its economical and environmental performance. QuaDror is led by Dror Benshetrit, who invented the geometric designed figures, which can be used for construction, habitat, urban design, and more.


To license the rights to manufacture products or systems using the QuaDror patented geometry.

 The QuaDror geometry unfolds manifold design initiatives within multiple scales both in physical size and programmatic complexity. It embodies the idea of reuse or multi-use applied to intellectual material and physical systems, and takes advantage of an expertise across disciplines. The QuaDror system is available for regional licensing with option of exclusivity for a limited period of time. Our policies vary according to the purpose and use, whether it isfor philanthropic endeavors or commercial applications.