The Challenge

International human rights law recognizes everyone’s right to an adequate standard of living, including adequate housing.   Despite this over a billion people the world over do not have access to adequate housing. Adequate housing is defined as not only providing four walls and a roof but also entitles security, affordability, habitability, accessibility, and cultural adequacy. It is a basic building block in the development of a region.  It is a complex issue that requires public and private partnership across disciplines. All of this makes it a very challenging and exciting design problem. If resources are shared and created in a practical manner then this chalange can be met. 



  • 1 out of 3 city dwellers (about 1 billion people) lives in a slum (UN-Habitat)
  • More than 14 million refugees and internally displaced people live in tents or other temporary shelters (Kissick, et all 2006)
  • Every week, 1 million people are born, or move to cities in the developing world. Urban population will double from 2 to 4 billion the next 30 years (Kissick, et all 2006)
  • Until 2030, 3 billion people (about 40% of the world population) will need access to housing:96,150 every day, 4,000 every hour (UN Habitat)
  • UN intends to put up about 120,000 transitional shelters, which will cover about 600,000 people—or roughly 50% of the homeless after the earthquake in Haiti


QuaDror Support is a philanthropic project started by the Studio Dror. It proposes to share an innovative and efficient response to the issue of habitat in precarious environments for population in need for a stronger, safer shelter. 


Our Goal

The main mission of QuaDror Support is to make this technology readily and easily available to communities in need. If you are an organization for profit or non-profit  with the capacity to conduct development projects in your region we would be very happy to collaborate. Depending on your needs we can provide you the QuaDror kits as well as other support such as finding adequate funding. Our goal is meet the challenge of global housing in a sustainable and affordable manner. This is only possible through collaboration with organizations and advocates on the ground. Help us in co-creating respectable, sustainable and affordable communities

  Become a partner  


We want funders to be able to connect to specific projects. We give funders the choice to pick projects that really speak to them. This allows projects to be completed at multiple scales from small projects involving a few homes to larger ones focused on entire communities.