What a donation means

Donations go directly to funding projects that are being carried out in collaboration with our Partners in various parts of the world. We work directly with the community in the development of these projects. They vary  in scale, some require just QuaDror Kits and others design facilitation and construction support. Thus no two projects are the same and have different funding requirements as per the needs of our Partners.  

At the most basic level  QuaDror Support will provide QuaDror Home kits. The QuaDror Home is a kit that includes instructions, tools and a set of QuaDror universal joints. The joints are designed so that structural members made of local materials can be attached.


Who benefits

Communities all over the global benefit from your donations. These communities are victims of war, poverty, and natural disasters, but share a common desire to move forward. A safe, sustainable and affordable shelter is a necessary building block in the development of these regions. The interests of these communities are represented by our Partners on the ground. They are reputable organizations with the capacity to undertake these projects. They have the necessary local knowledge to assess the needs of the people.

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