QuaDror Home

Designers and users become co-creators

While other initiatives provide temporary relief solutions to many or permanent housing to a few, QuaDror presents a strong structural frame to build upon and a blank canvas for integrated and creative design solutions. It is a long term solution: strong, simple and affordable building system. A stable structure provides sheltering relief in the present and the structure to build upon in the future. By deploying bare structural units, communities are able to take ownership and personalize their dwellings. Designers and users become co-creators.

$300 pays for a QuaDror Kit


We supply the knuckles that allow for the unique geometry of the structural frame

  • The structural members (beams) can be made of any local material; bamboo, wood, etc. 
  • The envelop, roof and floor can be made of local materials and fixed to the structure.
  • The connection to the ground can be made in different ways depending on the environmental context
    (soil, climate,economical resources, etc.)





Due to their abaility to adapt to various conditions and to adopt various materials, the QuaDror connecting joints are easy to ship:

A 40 feet long container can contain 1296 QuaDror Kits which allow the construction of 1296 QuaDror Homes

A 20 feet long container can contain 648 QuaDror Kits which allow the construction of 648 QuaDror Homes

Maximum impact using minimum energy: the building system of QuaDror presents environmental and economical performance while encouraging social empowerment.

For price inquiries, please contact info@studiodror.com


High weight and wind-bearing loads provide maximum support, making the shelter structurally sound.